X-Japan! by flickr user nicolecolecole

Impulse Concert Tickets!

With my mountain of student loan debt and fairly good self control, I usually avoid expensive impulse purchases. I go back and forth for hours on just about anything that takes money out of my bank account. Since my hobbies in general are rather expensive, I try to keep my costs on other stuff low.

X-Japan! by flickr user nicolecolecole

X-Japan is doing a world tour of sorts this year, with a show at Madison Square Garden during NYCC. I’m not going to NYCC this year because last year I had a less than stellar time… but the concert sounds awesome to me. I’ve never been to MSG for a show either. I’ll also basically go to any Japanese concert that’s nearby and relatively convenient.

I was kind of on the fence about the concert however – I tried to get tickets the day they went on sale, but I timed out on the Ticketmaster site every single time. I’m not a huge X fan either. On a whim though, I checked the Ticketmaster site the other day, and it both worked and had awesome seats available. (more…)

Hand-stamped invitation action

Wedding Planning: The Home Stretch

There are less than two months left until my and DG’s wedding. That is absolutely terrifying to think about, but it’s also kind of calming. We’ve been working on this shindig for about a year and a half now and it’s nice to be in the finishing stages.

Hand-stamped invitation action

Hand-stamped invitation action.

Our invitations went out in the mail on Monday. I feel like invitations are one of the more stressful parts. What if there’s a typo? What if you forgot to include something, which makes you feel really really stupid? What if there’s not enough postage, or if one gets eaten by the mail sorter? and other crazy concerns like that. When we ordered them, I literally had to check the proofs 6 times before I was able to click the “order” button.  (more…)

7 Items to Improve Your Apartment Life

With our wedding just over 2 months away (ACK!), DG and I are putting the finishing touches on our registries. If you’re anything like me, registries are freaking hard. Plates, utensils, and home goods just don’t excite me at all. When we went to Macy’s to do the scanner thing one day, I’m pretty sure DG had a better time than I did.

I find a lot of the registry starter lists totally not useful. We don’t need more bedding, or a pasta maker, a juicer, or fine china. I’d rather buy bedding when I see a cute print on sale, and the rest would collect dust in our modest kitchen storage space.

So instead, here are 7 items that will actually be useful in your apartment!

1. A Small Kitchen Scale

I have this one, it's perfect

I have this one, it’s perfect

Why? Small, cheap, and once you have it, you’ll use it all the time. Portion control for weight loss? Bam. Found a sweet recipe that calls for 500g of flour? Now you don’t have to try to measure out 2.175 cups of flour to the bowl.

Alternative uses: Weighing mail and packages so you don’t have to bring them to the post office. Weighing your pet rat for fun. Shiny surface for displaying your avocados. (more…)