7 Items to Improve Your Apartment Life

With our wedding just over 2 months away (ACK!), DG and I are putting the finishing touches on our registries. If you’re anything like me, registries are freaking hard. Plates, utensils, and home goods just don’t excite me at all. When we went to Macy’s to do the scanner thing one day, I’m pretty sure DG had a better time than I did.

I find a lot of the registry starter lists totally not useful. We don’t need more bedding, or a pasta maker, a juicer, or fine china. I’d rather buy bedding when I see a cute print on sale, and the rest would collect dust in our modest kitchen storage space.

So instead, here are 7 items that will actually be useful in your apartment!

1. A Small Kitchen Scale

I have this one, it's perfect

I have this one, it’s perfect

Why? Small, cheap, and once you have it, you’ll use it all the time. Portion control for weight loss? Bam. Found a sweet recipe that calls for 500g of flour? Now you don’t have to try to measure out 2.175 cups of flour to the bowl.

Alternative uses: Weighing mail and packages so you don’t have to bring them to the post office. Weighing your pet rat for fun. Shiny surface for displaying your avocados. (more…)

Our hotpot

Birthday Dinner: Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

Thursday was my fiance’s birthday! Good old Deaf Guy turned 27, and I was having a really hard time figuring out what to get him. I ultimately decided on two loot cards for World of Warcraft (which gives him two new in-game pets) and to take him out for a nice dinner of his choosing.

Our hotpot

Our hotpot! The left side is spicy and the right side is the regular broth.

DG wanted to go to Little Sheep in Edison again, so that’s where we went! It’s in the H-Mart shopping center along with other Asian chains like Paris Baguette and Picnic Garden. We ate there once before, right when they opened up, and it was good but they seemed to have a few supply issues (like being totally out of lamb). I’m happy to say that there were no such problems on Thursday and we had an awesome time.  (more…)

Starting Over

I’ve really wanted to restart my blog for a long time. I tried earlier this year, but I fell off the wagon again.

What was the problem? I thought that maybe I outgrew the domain name. Maybe it was time for a change! So I thought and thought about a new domain name, but none really called to me.

by flickr user carpewebem

You might notice that all of the other posts are gone. Honestly, I’m pretty sure that’s what it was. I felt a huge disconnect with the things I’ve posted here before. How was I going to tie in different types of content with what I wrote before? Would outfit posts tie in with the music post series I tried writing before? What if I wanted to write about something completely new?

Don’t worry, I didn’t delete them all – they’re just sitting locked away for the moment. Some will likely be edited and reposted eventually. I get uncomfortable with seeing things from the past that don’t seem up to snuff, and the old posts were doing that to me.

This year really brought some new things to my life, like actually partaking in lolita fashion, which I’ve wanted to for years, making real progress on paying my student loans, planning a wedding, and in general feeling more like myself, which is freaking awesome! I just haven’t been that in-tune with myself in the past, so a lot of the old posts just didn’t feel right.

Thank you to everyone that reads and I hope you stick with me as I renew this blog!